Nice Beautiful Beach photos

By | June 1, 2018

Some cool beautiful beach images:

Yuco beach 2

Image by Ostrosky Photos
Lacar Lake in Lanin National Park has many beautiful beaches. One of the most beautiful is Yuco Beach, one of the few sandy beaches that also shows interesting rock outcrops. In this little bay waters are shallow and calmer than in other parts of the lake. That is why they are a bit warmer, making this area a favorite of turists and locals during the Summer to enjoy the otherwise cold waters of the lake.

"The Lanín National Park is a national park of Argentina, located in the province of Neuquén, with forests of diverse tree varieties, mainly fagaceaes and pinophytas as the lenga and the Araucaria, many of which species can’t be found elsewhere in Argentina" (Source:
"It was created in 1937 in order to preserve a representative sector of the northandinenan-patagonic forest that houses representative specimen from this region like “pehuen”, “rauli” and “roble pellin” –which in Argentina there are only in a short area of the “neuquina” mountain chain…it occupies 412.000 hectares and it is located in the southeast of Neuquen province. Lanin National Park belongs to the forest, patagonic steppe and “Altos Andes” eco-regions" (Source:…

Van Buren State Park (South Haven, Michigan) – July 2014

Image by cseeman
Pictures from Friday July 4th and Saturday July 5th. The Van Buren State Park has a beautiful beach and dunes along the Lake Michigan shore, just south of South Haven.

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