Cool Beautiful Beach images

By | July 11, 2018

A few nice beautiful beach images I found:

Van Buren State Park (South Haven, Michigan) – July 2014

Image by cseeman
Pictures from Friday July 4th and Saturday July 5th. The Van Buren State Park has a beautiful beach and dunes along the Lake Michigan shore, just south of South Haven.

Rauðisandur (Red Sand beach)

Image by Anosmia
This beautiful beach was like Breiðavík, in that the sand seemed to go on forever (it honestly seemed more like a desert than a beach) and swathes of the sand were underwater. I walked and walked and there were thin, coiled piles of shit EVERYWHERE. I believe sheep shit looks like regular shit, so I have no idea who produced the shit on the beach. It made walking a delicate act. And walk I did. On and on and on. If it weren’t for the increasing sound of the surf, I really would’ve thought I was in a desert. I couldn’t even see the ocean! Eventually I gave up. The sand was getting really wet ahead and I still had so many things on the day’s agenda…I just couldn’t spend any more time there. I collected some sand in a shopping bag, took some more photos, and headed back.

Beautiful Beach

Image by SBC9

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