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Best feed of 2012

Some cool beautiful beach images: Best feed of 2012 Image by Ula Majewski The spectacular Maskelyne Islands (‘ples blong fis’) are located right off the beaten track just south of Malekula, Vanuatu’s most linguistically and culturally diverse island. Amazing reefs and tropical fishies, turquoise seas, giant clam gardens, outrageously beautiful beaches, mangroves, gorgeous people and some of the best aelan kaikai in Vanuatu. Malterie’s three day eco adventure canoe trip… Read More »

Traveling In 2012 Compared To 100 Years Ago

by Ted’s photos – For Me & You If you were poor in 1912 you likely traveled out of sheer necessity alone – that is, to locate work. Traveling for the wealthy was an exclusive affair and not really undertaken by the working class. Servants would have packed your bags and an exchange of elegant letters would have confirmed your place at your your chosen playground for the rich. Hotels… Read More »